Generate & automate your written and video content creation in seconds with AI

Automatically creates SEO optimized written content. Turns it into short, highly-sharable video created from daily web data source. Easy, fast & cost-effective. No inspiration or tech skills required.

Made to be share on your favorite social network 

Create your snack contents. Share them and generate maximum engagement in minimum time.

Fresh news from web

Our information crosses various safe sources on the web

integrated video editor

A quality video editor for tailor-made snack content that turns your written content into a video automatically

Article writing and scripting by AI

Our AI takes care of automatically writing articles for you that you can share on your blog or site. Our articles are unique, SEO compliant and without plagiarism

feature and free image bank

features such as: voice-to-text, text-to-voice, free image bank...

Ask for more from your content

Improve your search ranking

All our content is SEO optimized. Generate traffic on your site and social networks.

Engage your community

Regularly offer attractive content, you encourage the engagement of your community.

Save valuable time

Generate articles and videos in record time. Be productive, no more wasting time finding inspiration, writing, correcting.

Diversify your content

Create both written articles and videos, giving you diversity in your content. Reach different types of audience. 



Long time to create your written & video content

write your own time-consuming articles

content not optimized for SEO

Seek inspiration continually

Multiple complex tools to generate a video

High price of all these tools

Technical skills required

No special feature such as : text-to-voice, voice-to-text

No Integrated royalty-free image and sound bank



Generate your content on your social networks and blog x30 faster with our AI. Save valuable time

Find easily your inspiration. Thanks to our recommendations based on real-time data from the web

written article content generator

SEO optimized content

Simple, fast and dedicated video editing tools to generate videos

Optimized and affordable prices

No technical skills required

special feature such as : text-to-voice, voice-to-text

Integrated royalty-free image and sound bank

Snackcontent is made for content creator such as : copywriter, community manager, journalist, influencer, pigist, media or even agency...

Create amazing videos and content article in seconds with our AI-powered video content creation SaaS solution. Our technology allows you to create professional-quality videos from simple images or text in no time. We're here to help you save time and create effective videos for your business

Don't waste endless time on your content creations. Focus on engaging and growing your community

On average create your videos up to 30x faster with snackcontent. Now focus on the engagement and growth of your subscribers by offering them relevant content.

How it works ? 


Choose the vertical you want to talk about

We recommend articles written by our Artificial Intelligence on daily current topics according to the verticals you choose: people, crypto, news, food...

02 📝

We generate you a brand new article

Our AI generates you a blog article written on the subject of your choice that you can reuse for your blog or other.

03 🎥

Our AI turns this article into a short video

choose a video duration between : 10, 20, 30sec or 1min. Choose the size of your video : 16:9 ; 4:3... and validate.
Our AI generates a script, a video, a soundtrack and an audio playback of the script in just 1 click.

04 ✅

Edit and publish

Once the video is generated, you can make changes to it if necessary (add text, images or videos...). Once ready, you just have to validate and download your video.

What our users say about us

Nous avons testé la version bêta de SnackContent et gagnons un temps considérable dans la création de contenu sur les réseaux sociaux grâce à Snack. Là où nous avions auparavant de véritables lacunes pour apporter quotidiennement de nouvelles informations et des contenus engageants, nous postons désormais 2,5 fois plus de contenus qu'avant, ce qui a entraîné une croissance de nos abonnés de +42 % en 3 mois sur nos réseaux.

Anita S.

Community manager en agence presse & influence

Choose your plan

From free plan to custom plan, choose whatsuit you the best with a freeday trial of 15 days



per month


article content generator

10 000 words

1 videos

Feature : voice to subtitle



per month


article content generator

50 000 words

10 videos

Text-to-speech AI voices

Feature : voice to subtitle


Business Creator


per month


article content generator

100 000 words

30 videos

Text-to-speech AI voices

Feature : voice to subtitle



per month


article content generator

250 000 words

60 videos

Text-to-speech AI voices

voice to subtitle (2h)

Custom Plan

per user, per month

The best of all plans + the AI built with the ability to support you need to scale.

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